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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets

A biannual journal featuring articles on the current status and developing issues in capital markets in Asian countries written by market practitioners and academics in those countries and experts from Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research.

Volume 7

Issue 1
Autumn 2022

Innovation and Leveraging Technologies in Asian Financial Sectors and Capital Markets

Volume 6

Issue 2
Spring 2022

Development of Sustainable Finance Markets toward Achieving the SDGs

Issue 1
Autumn 2021

Changing Financial Behavior of Firms and Households amid COVID-19

Volume 5

Issue 2
Spring 2021

Capital Market Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Issue 1
Autumn 2020

Transformation of Fundraising for SMEs and Startups

Volume 4

Issue 2
Spring 2020

Importance of Mutual Fund Industry for Capital Market Development

Issue 1
Autumn 2019

Emerging Trends in ESG Investing and Sustainable Finance

Volume 3

Issue 2
Spring 2019

Pension System

Issue 1
Autumn 2018

India’s Capital Markets

Volume 2

Issue 2
Spring 2018

Future of Exchanges

Issue 1
Autumn 2017

FinTech in Asia

Volume 1

Issue 2
Spring 2017

Infrastructure Financing

Issue 1
Autumn 2016

(Inaugural Issue)