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Our History

Nomura Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation which was newly established on April 1, 2010 through the merger of Nomura Foundation for Social Science, The Nomura Cultural Foundation and Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies.

Nomura Foundation for Social Science

Established in May 1986 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., this organization provided financial support to university researchers in the fields of law, political science, and economics.

From its inception through fiscal 2009 the foundation provided grants to support 470 research projects (287 million yen); 841 Japanese researchers going abroad and overseas researchers coming to Japan (256 million yen); 54 lectures (33 million yen); 25 fellowship programs (81 million yen); 32 programs for visiting researchers (18 million yen); 36 research facilities (342 million yen); and 15 academic courses (300 million yen). In total, the foundation contributed 1,317 million yen to 1,473 activities involving 115 universities.

Nomura Foundation for Social Science became a public interest incorporated foundation in January 2010.

The Nomura Cultural Foundation

This foundation was established in May 1990 to facilitate international understanding by cultivating global talent and cross-border exchanges in music and the fine arts and by supporting foreign students attending Japanese universities.

The foundation provided grants for performances, exhibitions, and symposia by young artists. Through fiscal 2009 it had dispersed a total of 3,405 million yen to support 1,313 artistic and musical events and 684 million yen to fund 190 scholarships to promising foreign postgraduate students in the social sciences and the humanities at designated Japanese universities. In 1999, together with Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., the foundation received the Japan Mécénat Award (for Outstanding Cultivation of the Arts) in recognition of its support for the Pacific Music Festival (PMF), a program of study and performances by selected young musicians from around the world.

The Nomura Cultural Foundation became a public interest incorporated foundation in September 2009.

Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies

Established in September 1987 to foster a stable global economy by conducting research, holding symposia, and publishing findings on global economic issues, the foundation supported projects on topics ranging from regional economic interdependence and trade liberalization to the internet revolution, population aging, and capital market systems and regulation. It has organized meetings among leading experts from think tanks in Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, and it has shared the research results by supporting the publication of books and journals and by posting papers and reports on its own web site.

Through the end of fiscal 2009, Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies had supported a total of 78 research conferences and 80 print publications. It became a public interest incorporated foundation in June 2009.