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Research Conferences

Nomura Foundation sponsors research conferences on issues affecting the stability and progress of the global economy. Programs of recent and upcoming events are posted here along with links to many of the papers and presentation materials.

Macro Economy Research Conferences

Monetary Policy and its Impact during Inflation
19 October 2023/ The Okura Prestige Tower, Tokyo
The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on the Global Economy
27 October 2022 / The Okura Prestige Tower, Tokyo
The World Economy Under the COVID-19 Pandemic and After
The 2021 Research Conference was canceled; however, the research papers are posted here.
The Economics of De-Globalization
30 October 2019 / Urbannet Otemachi Building, Tokyo
Monetary Policy Normalization Ten Years after the Great Recession
24 October 2018 / Urbannet Otemachi Building, Tokyo
Demographic Change, Economic Growth, and Fiscal Sustainability
20 October 2017 / Urbannet Otemachi Building, Tokyo
Productivity, Technology, and Growth
16 November 2016 / Urbannet Otemachi Building, Tokyo
The Evolving Global Financial Order
11 November 2015 / Hotel Okura Tokyo
Looking Ahead to the Global Economy in 2020
28 January 2015 / Nikkei Hall, Tokyo
Looking Toward 2020 in the World’s Four Major Economics
27 January 2015 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Prospects for Growth in the World's Four Major Economies
11 September 2013 / Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.
China's Transition and the Global Economy
13 November 2012 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Challenges for the Global Economy after the Tohoku Earthquake
7 November 2011 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Fiscal Policy in the Post-Crisis World
16 November 2010 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Beyond the Financial Crisis: Strategies for Righting Global Imbalances and Restoring Asia's Economic Growth
17 November 2009 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
The Global Monetary and Financial System and its Governance
11-12 November 2008 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Thrust and Parry in the Global Game: Emerging Asian Corporate Giants and the World Economy
13-14 November 2007 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
India and China Rising: Issues and Impact on the Global Economy
6-7 December 2006 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
The Future Structure of International Capital Flows
21-22 November 2005 / Hotel Okura, Kyoto
Major Issues for the World Economy Looking to 2005
8-9 November 2004 / Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Impact of Expansion of the Market Economy Sphere on the Global Structure of Industry and Trade and Policy Responses of Advanced Economies: Focus on China
9-10 February 2004 / T5 Researchers' Conference, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.
The Emergence of China and the Evolution of Regional Economic Integration in East Asia
3-4 February 2004 / AT10 Researchers' Conference, Palace Hotel, Tokyo