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India and China Rising: Issues and Impact on the Global Economy

Macro Economy Research Conference
6-7 December 2006
Hotel Okura, Tokyo

List of participants (PDF: 111kb)


Wednesday, December 6

Junichi Ujiie, Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies and Nomura Holdings

Session 1: Emerging India

Moderator: Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University

Comments: Barry Bosworth, The Brookings Institution

India's Growth: Past Performance and Future Prospects

Shankar Acharya, ICRIER

Paper (PDF: 224kb)

Presentation (PDF: 149kb)

An Analysis of the Financial Sector Reforms in India and the Challenges Ahead

R. Gurumurthy, Institute for Indian Economics Studies, Waseda University

Paper (PDF: 195kb)

Presentation (PDF: 316kb)

Sacred Cows on the Road to Development: Reforming India's Infrastructure Sectors

Stephen Thomsen, Chatham House

Paper (PDF: 212kb)

Presentation (PDF: 97kb)

Session 2: Emerging China

Moderator:Barry Bosworth, The Brookings Institution

Comments: FAN Gang, National Economics Research Institute, China Reform Foundation

How to Achieve the Goals of the 11th Five Year Plan through Reforms in China

ZHANG Yongsheng, Development Research Center of the State Council

Paper (PDF: 212kb)

Presentation (PDF:9 7kb)

Strategy for Financing Development: Policies, Issues, and Prospects

BA Shusong, Development Research Center

Paper (PDF: 443kb)

Presentation (PDF: 500kb)

Is China Becoming a High-tech Superpower? The Contrasted Picture of China's Scientific and Technological Capabilities

Frederique Sachwald, IFRI

Paper (PDF: 249kb)

Presentation (PDF: 158kb)

The Real Challenges to China's High Growth: Think Out of the Box or Risk Being Buried in It

Paper (PDF: 108kb)

Presentation (PDF: 482kb)

Thursday, December 7
Session 3: The Tortoise and the Hare: India and China in the Global Economy

Moderator: Eisuke Sakakibara, Institute of Indian Economic Studies, Waseda University

Accounting for Growth: Comparing China and India

Barry Bosworth, The Brookings Institution

Susan M. Collins, The Brookings Institution and Georgetown University

Paper (PDF: 165kb)

Presentation (PDF: 104kb)

Comments: FAN Gang, National Economic Research Institute, China Reform Foundation

India and China: Past Trade Liberalization and Future Challenges

Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University

Paper (PDF: 394kb)

Presentation (PDF: 3044kb)

Comments: C-H Kwan, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research

Presentation (PDF: 50kb)

China and India in the Changing Global Economic Order

Paola Subacchi, Chatham House

Paper (PDF: 183kb)

Presentation (PDF: 196kb)

Comments: Shankar Acharya, ICRIER