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Our Mission

In the 21st century Japan faces such pressing problems as an aging society with a declining population, a huge public debt burden and widening social disparity. The world also must face such challenges as righting global imbalances and addressing climate change. To deal with these issues we must mobilize all of the effort and wisdom of the private sector as well as the government.

We believe that one of the most important steps the private sector can take toward solving these problems is to promote the social science disciplines, such as economics, law and politics, to deepen research activities in these fields, and to encourage interdisciplinary and international approaches. In addition, as developing countries mature and as various countries with differing cultural values, such as the BRICs, gain power, enhancing international understanding by promoting international exchanges in social science, arts, and culture and by fostering the next generation of talent from around the world becomes more and more important.

Nomura Foundation for Social Science, The Nomura Cultural Foundation, and Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies were separately established by Nomura Group to promote social science, to support the arts and culture and to foster international talent in the next generation. Each foundation has been conducting various activities under its mandate for many years. Since 2008, when the Act on Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundations came into effect, the Japanese government has permitted such foundations to consolidate. Accordingly, we have decided to combine the resources and activities of the three Nomura-related foundations into a newly established Nomura Foundation. This consolidated organization will be more efficient, offer a wider range of activities, and better contribute to the public interest.

Through its activities, Nomura Foundation will contribute to advancing the social sciences and the world economy, cultivating the arts and culture, fostering international talent, encouraging international understanding, and supporting the progress of human society.

April 1, 2010

Nomura Foundation