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Prospects for Growth in the World's Four Major Economies

Macro Economy Research Conference
11 September 2013
The Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

List of Participants (PDF: 318kb)


Opening Remarks

Ted Gayer,  Brookings Institution
Junichi Ujiie, Nomura Foundation

Morning Session

Moderator: Paola Subacchi, Chatham House

The United States Economy: Why Such a Weak Recovery?

Martin Neil Baily and Barry Bosworth, Brookings Institution

Presentation (PDF: 752kb)

Paper (PDF: 1.1mb)


Kevin A. Hassett, American Enterprise Institute

Presentation (PDF: 274kb)

Nature and Sustainability of the Chinese Economy

LONG Guoqiang, Development Research Center of the State Council

Presentation (PDF: 852kb)


Nicholas R. Lardy, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Will Abenomics Restore Japan's Growth?

Takeo Hoshi, Stanford University

Presentation (PDF: 618kb)

Paper (PDF: 315kb)


Tomo Kinoshita, Nomura Securities

Presentation (PDF: 526kb)

Lunch Presentation
The Fundamental Budget Challenges for the United States

Jeffrey R. Kling, Congressional Budget Office

Afternoon Session

Moderator: Barry Bosworth, Brookings Institution

UK Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Is Austerity Working?

Christopher Allsopp, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Presentation (PDF: 830kb)

Paper (PDF: 1.1mb)


Ajai Chopra, International Monetary Fund

Presentation (PDF: 323kb)

Options for Restoring Growth in Europe

Paola Subacchi and Stephen Pickford, Chatham House

Presentation (PDF: 981kb)

Paper (PDF: 556kb)


Uri Dadush, Carnegie Endowment for Peace

Closing Remarks

Junichi Ujiie, Nomura Foundation