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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets, Spring 2021

Capital Market Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Full Version (pdf: 5.98mb)


Foreword (pdf: 1.36mb)

Household Asset Allocation During the COVID-19 Crisis (pdf: 1.0mb)

Sachiko Miyamoto

Enhancing Financial Risk Management for a Brokerage Firm in Indonesia under the New Regime of IFRS 9 and the COVID-19 Pandemic (pdf: 965kb)

Putu Bagus Kresna

Malaysia’s Policy Responses to COVID-19 ―Plotting a Recovery to the Next Normal (pdf: 711kb)

Lee Heng Guie

Market Update under COVID-19 in the Philippines (pdf: 238kb)

Koichi Katakawa

Emergence of Private Markets and Exchanges as an Alternative Source of Financing for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Singapore (pdf: 270mb)

Ser-Keng Ang

Introducing Nomura Foundation (pdf: 1.24mb)

Introducing Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (pdf: 481kb)

Back Issues (pdf: 55kb)