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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets, Spring 2020

Importance of Mutual Fund Industry for Capital Market Development
Full Version (pdf: 6.36mb)


Foreword (pdf: 460kb)

Investment Trusts Industry in Japan (pdf: 296kb)

Tetsuya Kamiyama

The Indonesian Mutual Fund Industry: Challenges and Opportunities (pdf: 995kb)

Heryadi Indrakusuma

The Evolving Business of Asset Management in Malaysia (pdf: 775kb)

Institute For Capital Market Research Malaysia

Investment Funds in the Philippines (pdf: 613kb)

Fund Managers Association Of The Philippines

Market Structure of the Mutual Fund Industry in Thailand (pdf: 1,021kb)

Anchada Charoenrook, Pantisa Pavabutr

Mutual Funds: Pathways to Promoting Sustainable Green Finance in Singapore (pdf: 1,111kb)

Youngho Chang, Johnny Heng

Introducing Nomura Foundation (pdf: 1,243kb)

Introducing Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (pdf: 311kb)

BACK ISSUES (pdf: 54kb)