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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets, Autumn 2019

Emerging Trends in ESG Investing and Sustainable Finance
Full Version (pdf: 4.79mb)


Foreword (pdf: 720kb)

ESG Bond Market: Current State & Outlook (pdf: 1.07mb)

Akane Enatsu

Sustainable Finance in Indonesia: How the Financial Services Industry Contributes to Environmental, Social and Governance Issues (pdf: 614kb)

Biger A. Maghribi

Sustainability Initiatives of the SEC Philippines (pdf: 829kb)

Krizia Pauline Felice S. Ferrer, Karen G. Arias-Rocha

How ESG Can Contribute to the Development of the Thai Economy (pdf: 1.3mb)

Rapee Sucharitakul

The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility: Decomposing Positive and Negative Deviations from the Norm (pdf: 680kb)

Weina Zhang, Huiping Zhang

Introducing Nomura Foundation (pdf: 1.75mb)

Introducing Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (pdf:667kb)

Back Issues (pdf: 427kb)