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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets, Autumn 2018

India’s Capital Markets
Full Version (pdf: 7.11mb)


Foreword (pdf: 583kb)

Modinomics and its Impact on India’s Capital Markets (pdf: 618kb)

Saion Mukherjee

Overview of the Asset Management Industry in India (pdf: 735kb)

Vikram Kuriyan, Bitan Chakraborty, Tuhin Harit

Developmental and Policy Issues of Bond Market in India (pdf: 681kb)

Hemant Manuj

Corporate Governance in India: Regulatory Reforms (pdf: 695kb)

Vishal Shukla, Jitendra Kumar, M Krishnamoorthy

BSE: Catalyst for the Development of India’s Capital Markets (pdf: 657kb)

Ashishkumar Chauhan

Continuum of NSE’s Transformational Journey: Negotiating New Frontiers (pdf: 677kb)

Vikram Limaye

Increasing Importance of Foreign Investors in India’s Capital Markets (pdf: 626kb)

Yohei Kitano

Introducing Nomura Foundation (pdf:964kb)

Introducing Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (pdf: 519kb)

BACK ISSUES (pdf: 430kb)