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Nomura Journal of Asian Capital Markets, Autumn 2021

Changing Financial Behavior of Firms and Households amid COVID-19
Full Version (pdf: 8.27mb)


Foreword (pdf: 851kb)

Japan’s Corporate Bond Market: Developments before & during the COVID-19 Pandemic (pdf: 1,522 kb)

Kenji Tominaga

Rise of Digital Channels and Retail Investors: A Tale of the Indonesian Financial Sector during the 2020 Pandemic (pdf: 404 kb)

Kahlil Rowter

Facilitating Market-Based Financing for the Informal Economy (pdf: 480 kb)

Institute for Capital Market Research Malaysia

The Philippines: Critical Public Finance Issues due to an Extended Draconian Lockdown (pdf: 1,691 kb)

Edwin Shea Pineda

Improving Resilience to Systemic Crises through Financing Innovations: Lessons and Recommendations from Singapore (pdf: 945 kb)

Joseph Cherian

The Digital Economy: The New Frontier for Growth of MSMEs in Thailand during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic (pdf: 733 kb)

Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen

Introducing Nomura Foundation (pdf: 1,245 kb)

Introducing Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (pdf: 943 kb)

Back Issues (pdf: 56 kb)